Alexis Cosmetic face care will become the core of your daily routine. Cleanse and moisturize your complexion and keep it radiant day after day to preserve its original beauty and youth.
Good skin care is essential at any age. However, healthy habits in your 20s and 30s can strengthen and prepare your skin for the effects of aging. After 30, the skin’s production of collagen starts to decrease, that is why Alexis Cosmetic has created a full range of products enriched with marine collagen that not only help keeping skin looking plump, but also give skin its strength and structure and help replacing dead skin cells.

Morning skin care should focus on protection for the day while nighttime routine focus on cleansing and repair.In the morning, rinsing with warm water before applying moisturizer and sunscreen should suffice. At night, after a full day of exposure and damage, more dedicated care is recommended. Keep in mind that if you have multiple skincare concerns, you may need to add more than one targeted-solution product.

So, what do you really need?

Cleansing milk or foaming gel, use it to wash your face gently and take care not to scrub too hard. Then, rinse with warm water, because hot water removes natural oils and causes your skin to become dehydrated.

Toner is applied after washing your face and can smooth, soften and calm skin. Toners often contain ingredients that replenish and restore nutrients to your skin and can diminish redness and dry patches.

Moisturizers are for everyone and should be used every time you wash your face. Moisturizers prevent your skin from drying out, leaving your skin hydrated and smooth. They are most effective when applied while your skin is slightly damp to seal in moisture.

Skincare means suncare
Appropriate protection against the sun is vital for great skin health.
Some moisturizers include SPF, but it doesn’t hurt to double up with sunscreen as well – particularly if your moisturizer has an SPF below 30. Apply sunscreen every day, even when it’s gray or cold, even when you’re covered up. UV exposure is the number one cause of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, loss of firmness and aging signs.

Exfoliation can be used after cleanser but before moisturizer, as it helps to removes flaky skin by increasing skin cell turnover. The benefits are real – removing dead skin and buildup for smoother skin and clearer.

Another optional addition to your skin care routine, serums contain ingredients like antioxidants or retinol that support skin health in a number of ways, such as calming

Targeted skincare
if you have multiple skincare concerns, you may need to add more than one targeted-solution product.

Cleanse, cleanse cleanse… and moisturize!

Morning or evening routine, Alexis Cosmetic has the right product for every step of an efficient routine that will help you keep a a healthy, wonderful, young-looking complexion. And don’t forget your neck and hands !

Beauty routine essentials


1. Cleanser – Cleansing Foaming Gel

2. Serum – Excel Serum Booster C+

3. Moisturizer – Day Cream

4. Targeted solution, as needed, applied before or after your moisturizer – Collagen Force for Face

5. Sunscreen – Tinted sun cream SPF 50


1. 2. Cleanser – Makeup Remover Gel

Exfoliant, two or three times a week – Face Scrub Gentle Exfoliant

3. Serum – Excel Serum Booster C+

4. Moisturizer – Night Cream

5. Eye cream – Decongesting Eye Contour Care

6. Targeted solution, as needed, applied before or after your moisturizer or eye cream – Collagen Force for Eyes