Always listening to what women have to say, AB Cosmetic designs simple, modern lines that meet the requirements of the most beautiful women. We take a highly professional approach to product development and a direct-channel, research- and performance-oriented approach to product marketing.AB Cosmetic is a real innovative blend of traditional cosmetology and forward-looking ideas, with special attention paid to the changing concerns of women. Boosted by the success of its flagship lines in France, AB Cosmetic has now decided to export this very French know-how. A concept of beauty that is set to win over demanding women worldwide.

Product ranges that meet the key requirements of French customers. Products developed in the best production facilities compliant with the international (French, US and Japanese) quality standards ISO 9001 and GMP. All our ingredients and formulations are tested by French dermatology experts. Optimum protection of the products’ quality and life span are ensured by our highly advanced packaging technology.

Unlike larger industrial cosmetics groups and their large-scale production facilities, AB Cosmetic is organized along more personalised lines. First with a response to the overall requirements of today’s women, and second, with a response to the more specific requirements revealed by surveys on women’s lifestyles and needs. These surveys are always validated by clinical tests. Our many patents are developed in conjunction with a team of French dermatologists and chemists. Today AB Cosmetic, – based in Paris – is able to offer products that meet the requirements of its customers.